RGS Vietnam is aiming to develop a high-quality school orchestra featuring all the instrumental families, playing challenging pieces from across the orchestral repertoire. Our eventual goal is to develop an orchestra good enough to play in prestigious venues within the country and internationally. We want our orchestra to be a reason to want to come to RGS Vietnam. 

RGS Vietnam is currently in collaboration with Intro Art Education, an established musical center,  in order to provide students with specialist music teachers as part of our main program and give our students the opportunity to study and be introduced to various instruments. 

We are working with Intro Art via the classroom program, ECAs, and private lessons to establish and develop the RGS Vietnam Orchestra. To be specific, the Classroom program will focus on theory & strings instruments as Violin & Cello for Grade 6 & Grade 7, While the ECAs and private lessons will emphasize on Orchestra’s Instruments like: Violin, Cello, Clarinet, Trumpet, Flute, etc. About the Orchestra, the numbers of 30 players and 9 different musical instruments under the symphony orchestra system are the fairness evidences for the success and correct direction of the cooperation.

In accordantly, Intro Art Education owns a complete and professional training system. All of teachers from IntroArt have achieved formal degrees and gained experiences in teaching as well as performing in well-known art activities. Moreover, the lecturers in the cooperation program between RGSV and IntroArt are carefully selected in terms of knowledge, language and pedagogy. On the other hands, IntroArt itself is also the host of featured Music series events such as CCM (Concert of childhood memory) and Loundsound. Thereby, IntroArt possibly creates added values and experiences for RGSV in professional Orchestra performing arts.

Collaboration between RGS Vietnam and RGS UK

So many life-changing opportunities will be created for pupils and staff
Mr Sean Davey - Managing Director of RGS International
This historic milestone will open up many opportunities for our students to learn and grow, laying the foundation for them to enter world-class universities
Mrs Mai Bich Thuy - Founder & Chair of RGS Vietnam
Together we can create a new paradigm and stronger version of international education
Mr Shaun Fenton - Headmaster of RGS UK, Executive Headmaster of RGS Vietnam