Year 7 Camp to Cuc Phuong (23rd - 25th November 2022)

Year 7 Camp to Cuc Phuong (23rd - 25th November 2022)

Year 7 had an amazing time at camp in Cuc Phuong National Park and didn’t let the rain dampen our spirits. 

Campers stepped away from screens and into nature, discovering the amazing work happening here to protect many endangered creatures at risk in Vietnam. We learned about turtles, primates and even took a night time visit to the CPCP to visit nocturnal creatures such as Pangolins and Mr B the Binturong. 

Students conducted their own study into the biodiversity of the park by building pitfall traps to catch our creepy crawly friends. The rain limited the results but we still learned a lot.

Another evening, we took a night hike and saw the creatures who inhabit the park in darkness; stick insects, locusts and a chameleon!

In between all of that we played team sports and reconnected with each other in down time with badminton, frisbee and board games.

Thank you to TLP, parents and classmates for the role you played in making this happen.