Year 6 Exhibition (23rd April 2024)

Year 6 Exhibition (23rd April 2024)

The Year 6 students at RGS Vietnam successfully held an informative exhibition titled 'Sharing Our Planet,' revolving around sustainable development, the environment, and other related topics. This exhibition was the result of the students' extensive research, exploration, and learning process with the help of teachers and the PYP coordinator. It helped them solidify their knowledge and share it with the RGSV community.

Based on their interests and abilities, the students divided into groups and set up creative and informative booths on specific environmental issues such as plastic pollution, bee behavior, deforestation, endangered species, ozone layer depletion, water pollution, and oil spills.

Standing confidently in front of parents and teachers, the students presented their learnings from the 'Sharing Our Planet' unit at RGS Vietnam. Despite their young age, they demonstrated a deep awareness of environmental and global issues. Their presentations were lively, specific, and accurate, highlighting existing environmental problems. In addition to their presentations, students prepared engaging activities and interactive displays to reinforce their knowledge. Through this exhibition, the students excelled in showcasing their creativity, unique thinking, and speaking skills.

At RGS Vietnam, students are educated to develop an early awareness of social responsibility and environmental concerns. This fosters the gradual formation and development of research thinking and effective problem-solving skills. The 'Sharing Our Planet' exhibition of Year 6 students exemplifies this educational approach at RGSV.

RGS Vietnam would like to express its sincere gratitude to the parents who were present to support the children and the teachers who enthusiastically guided and supported the students throughout this project.

Congratulations to all Year 6 students for a brilliantly successful exhibition. The school looks forward to celebrating many more of your proud achievements in the future.

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