Year 4 Students of RGSV Shared her love for the Vietnamese Đàn Bầu in an Interview with the Voice of Vietnam (VOV)

Year 4 Students of RGSV Shared her love for the Vietnamese "Đàn Bầu" in an Interview with the Voice of Vietnam (VOV)

Recently, a Year 4 student at RGSV, Nguyen Khanh Huyen (Helen), participated in an interview for the "Childhood Music Space" program on Voice of Vietnam (VOV)'s Children's Music Department. This VOV radio program, hosted Khanh Huyen as a guest, bringing great joy and pride to her, her family, and her school.

The interview focused on Huyen's passion for the Vietnamese monochord (Đàn Bầu) and her inspiring journey learning this traditional instrument. Huyen also shared her experience performing at the "Poinsettia Concert," organised by her school RGSV at the Hanoi Opera House at the end of March. This prestigious stage provided a platform for talented students like Huyen to showcase their love for music and exceptional instrumental skills.

Khanh Huyen possesses a deep love and passion for the Vietnamese Đàn Bầu. At school, she actively participates in events, including the "Poinsettia Concert," a joint performance by the RGSV Orchestra and the Orchestra of Harrow School, UK, held at the Hanoi Opera House in March 2024. During the interview, Huyen revealed 2 pieces that she played on Đàn Bầu in the concert are: "The Homeland - Que Huong," composed by musician Giap Van Thach with lyrics by Do Trung Quan, and "Mother's Heart - Lòng mẹ " by musician Y Van.

When being asked about her song choices, Huyen expressed her heartfelt reasons. "Que Huong" represents the peaceful, familiar, and cherished homeland in every Vietnamese person's soul. She wanted to share the beauty of loving one's homeland with foreign friends. Huyen's motivation for playing "Lòng mẹ" was equally meaningful. The song captures the essence of motherhood, highlighting the endless love and sacrifices mothers make for their children. Through Đàn Bầu, Huyen aimed to express the sacred and profound emotions conveyed by the composer.

The "Poinsettia Concert" is renowned for its unique combination of traditional instruments with a symphony orchestra. Sharing her experience on "Childhood Music Space," Huyen admitted to initial challenges, but her love for traditional music, particularly the Đàn Bầu, fueled her determination to integrate into the RGSV Starling Orchestra with the help of her teachers.

This harmonious blend of traditional and modern melodies, national identity, and international essence created an emotionally charged evening. Standing on the stage of the Hanoi Opera House and performing with the RGSV Starling Orchestra was a deeply touching and fulfilling experience for Huyen. The thunderous applause from the audience served as invaluable encouragement and recognition not only for Huyen but also for all the young artists. Even during the interview, her face still beamed with joy and emotion as she recalled the magical moments of the "Poinsettia Concert."

The interview with the "Childhood Music Space" program on VOV was a meaningful experience for Khanh Huyen. It allowed her to reflect on her journey with Đàn Bầu. RGSV extends its sincere gratitude to the program for providing this platform for Huyen to share her passion for traditional Vietnamese instruments and inspire others. We wish Huyen continued perseverance and steadfastness in pursuing her musical dreams.