Year 13 Leavers Assembly: A Farewell Ceremony for RGS Vietnam Graduates

Year 13 Leavers' Assembly: A Farewell Ceremony for RGS Vietnam Graduates

The 19th of April marked the last day of school for Year 13 students at RGS Vietnam. They now embark on their journey into adulthood, devoting all their energy to preparing for their upcoming final exams.

The last day is a mix of emotions: sadness, joy, excitement, and perhaps a little relief. For them, it signifies the end of a chapter in their school life filled with unforgettable memories, while opening a new path. They spent their last day together with laughter, jokes, and promises of reunions, looking forward to the challenging future ahead.

In the presence of all RGSV teachers and underclassmen, the final-year students donned their graduation gowns, ready for the moment of separation from their arduous but cherished student life. Homeroom teachers took turns saying goodbye, sharing heartfelt memories and wishing them success in their upcoming exams. As students and teachers reminisced under the roof of RGS Vietnam, a wave of emotion touched them all. The period that they spent at RGS Vietnam, though not particularly long, has undoubtedly left unforgettable memories. These memories will forever hold a place in their hearts, no matter where their journeys take them in the future.

Looking back on their journey, RGS Vietnam is incredibly proud of the Year 13 students for successfully completing the IB programme and having a clear vision for their future and career paths. With just a little more effort, they will reach the success they've been striving for. We wish them all the best in completing their exams and achieving their goals. Congratulations to all of you on completing your studies at RGSV – you've all done exceedingly well!

Goodbye and congratulations to the Year 13 students of RGS Vietnam!