Winter Bazaar 2023

Winter Bazaar 2023

The year-end festival season is approaching with exciting activities taking place in many parts of the world. Joining the vibrant festival atmosphere, the RGS Vietnam community had organized the Winter Bazaar - one of the most notable and anticipated events of the year. This is an opportunity for members of the RGS Vietnam community to strengthen connections and enjoy the bustling and warm Christmas atmosphere.

Coming to RGS Vietnam last Saturday, visitors had surely felt the joy and emotions filled in the air, with the impressive performances of the RGSV Orchestra and Choir. Preparing for the Winter Bazaar, the students spent a lot of time practicing to bring out the best performances. The love and applause from the audiences was the reward and the greatest happiness for our young talented artists. The bazaar also became more vibrant and bustling with unique art performances. The audience had the opportunity to enjoy a flexible and beautiful Yoga Flow performance, as well as immerse themselves in the exciting and energetic atmosphere of the Vovinam martial arts and Robot dance performances.

Contributing to the success of the Winter Bazaar were various booths, from areas that sold a variety of festive products such as decorations, crafts, fashion,... to food stalls with beautiful and delicious dishes. Visitors to the Winter Bazaar were also attracted by the game area run by school officials and teachers. Students and their families experienced many exciting games together such as fishing, horse riding, statue painting, lucky wheel,... with excitement and passion. It wasn’t difficult to feel the fun atmosphere, the cheerful laughter when the children won the game's prizes, or the little regrets and words of encouragement for each other to try new turns to win.

A highlight of this year's Winter Bazaar was the charity fundraising activity undertaken by RGS Vietnam students. Taking charge of a booth for the purpose of raising funds, this was an ideal opportunity for children to demonstrate their business skills, communication skills and most importantly, they were nurtured in love and responsibility to the community. The children's booth attracted a lot of attention from visitors to the bazaar, laughter and love were given because of their good actions towards the community.

The Winter Bazaar at RGS Vietnam was a memorable occasion, an opportunity to nurture the spirit of solidarity and create a foundation for the RGS Vietnam community to become more and more connected. This was a great chance for RGS Vietnam members to enjoy the festive atmosphere, to close a year full of achievements and welcome a new year with much joy and hope.

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