Vote for our Year 10 Students in Blue Ocean Competition

Vote for our Year 10 Students in "Blue Ocean Competition"

Our Year 10 students Bao Ngoc, Kim Ngan, Nhat Minh, also known as “The Minions”, were successfully selected as one of the top 30 best teams in the 2022-2023 Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneurship Competition, making them one of the two Asian students group that gains this incredible achievement. 

Their project is “Willies” - an all-in-one application with all the study extensions, and gadgets you ever wanted incorporated into a system. And did you mention motivation? Oh, Willies is perfect for you then, because the point-based system is exactly to help students like you stay on track and motivated throughout your academic journey. ‘Willies’ is able to provide them with a stress-free experience, and motivation to study, and allow them to take full control of their learning journey. 

Let’s show our support to Bao Ngoc, Kim Ngan and Nhat Minh by voting for them in this competition! All you have to do is to click the ‘Like’ button in this Youtube video (link below) 

Talking about this wonderful success, Bao Ngoc said: “We would also like to thank Mr. Will for his continuous support and advice throughout our business adventure and for being a person we can always return to in order to ask for advice or if we have any questions, honorable mentions to Minkyu and Sadhika from Y10 for featuring in our video, to everyone in Year 10 for dealing with us and supporting Willies as well as all of our teachers who we have gotten the chance to share this project with recently!”

Congratulations to our excellent Year 10 students, and don’t forget to vote for them right now!