Teachers orientation weeks and our preparations towards new exciting semester

Teachers' orientation weeks and our preparations towards new exciting semester

Summer break went by in the blink of an eye, and RGSV is ready to put on a new coat with many new exciting events to welcome pupils back to school. Over the past two months, the school has undergone a lot of renovations, upgrading facilities to ensure the best international learning environment for our students.

During the first two weeks of August, we are delighted to welcome new teaching staffs and the return of our current teachers from all over the world. Besides investing in facilities, one of the most important things that RGSV prioritizes is the quality of teachers. The school's teaching staff are all experienced teachers in the international educational environment.

In the academic year 2023 - 2024, we are pleased to welcome new 24 teachers from 8 countries including America, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam to join the RGSV teaching staff making us a truly international hub for qualified teachers. Among which, our 3 Vietnamese teachers are holding Ph.D degrees, graduated from the institutions in the US and France and experienced in teaching gifted schools for IB or Cambridge programs for many years. In addition, music is also one of the fields that the school strongly focuses on. This year, we also have teachers from the Vietnam National Academy of Music who will be teaching at RGSV and promise to make a significant impact on the quality of teaching and student performances. You can find more information on our staffs here.(https://reigategrammar.edu.vn/our-team.htm)

In order to ensure that new teachers joining RGSV this year will understand the rules, regulation and be familiar with how the school operates, the Acting Headmaster and Educational Leadership team will organize the induction week during the first week of August. After that, all teaching staff including our current teachers will meet up in the following weeks and together we are preparing carefully for the exciting events this academic year.

In the atmosphere of preparing to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the school’s establishment everything has been carefully prepared, so Reigatians are you ready to go back to school?