RGSV Pupils arrived in the UK

RGSV Pupils arrived in the UK

At the invitation of the RGS UK Headmaster, a group of RGS Vietnam pupils and parents led by Mr. Brendan, Head of RGSV Primary school, arrived in London, the capital of the United Kingdom, begun their official visit to RGS UK.

During this first official visit, with the advices and support by RGS UK, the delegation will visit nine leading universities in the country, including the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge universities.

The group's 10-day journey in the UK began with a trip to Edinburgh, the ancient capital of Scotland. There, pupils have the opportunity to visit Edinburgh Castle and Edinburgh University, Scotland's famous research and teaching center.

Afterwards, they have the chance to deepen their understanding of studying in the UK by exploring the educational environments of prestigious universities in the cities of Durham, Manchester, London, Oxford, and Cambridge. This will be an impressive practical experience that will serve as a stepping stone for RGSV pupils to build goals and study plans to reach their dreams.

In addition to exploring the UK and its prestigious universities, pupils of the group are also preparing for the exchanging activities with RGS UK. The trip provides RGSV pupils with great opportunities to interact with international friends, integrate with the local environment and culture, and learn more about the historical value of the United Kingdom. Notably, this is also an opportunity for RGS Vietnam to fortify a good and long-term relationship with RGS UK.

Please join us in accompanying the RGSV pupils group and parents on this visit.