RGSV Open Day 2024

RGSV Open Day 2024

March 9, 2024 was a special Saturday for all teachers, staff, and students of RGS Vietnam as we welcome a large number of parents to attend our first Open Day in 2024.

Representing the school, Acting Headmaster Mr. Patrick Glennon delivered a warm welcome and expressed his thanks to all distinguished guests present at the event. He also shared the school's vision, mission, and commitment to providing a comprehensive international educational environment for young generations with prospective parents.


Also at the event, Head of Secondary Mr. David Mate and Head of Primary Mr. Brendan Finn provided a detailed introduction to the school's academic levels, helping parents gain a better understanding of the curriculums and activities offered. At RGS Vietnam, students are equipped with two world-leading academic programmes: IB and Cambridge. These programmes foster comprehensive learning and development, preparing students to become global citizens.

To gain an objective and in-depth understanding from real-life experiences, RGS Vietnam student representatives shared their learning journeys. Additionally, they actively participated in the event by acting as "guides" and taking groups of parents on tours of the facilities, including classrooms, function rooms, and school grounds.

One of the most popular topics with parents was the Founding Scholarship opportunity, offered in celebration of RGS Vietnam's 10th anniversary and to recognise our successful cooperation with Reigate Grammar School UK. The Founding Scholarship at RGS Vietnam covers 50% of tuition fees and is available to current students and those applying for admission this academic year.

The Open Day at RGS Vietnam showcases our commitment to academic excellence and fostering the comprehensive development of students. We believe this event served as a valuable foundation for potential students and families seeking information about RGS Vietnam. We look forward to welcoming new members to the RGSV community soon.

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