RGS Vietnam students joined the World Scholars Cup 2022

RGS Vietnam students joined the World Scholar's Cup 2022

Nine Reigatians participated in the Hanoi regional Round of the World Scholar's Cup on August 13-14 hosted by the Alpha School and VinUni and the Da Nang regional Round on August 10-11 hosted by St Nicholas School.

The World Scholar’s Cup is a team academic competition featuring collaborative writing, team debate, team bowl, and team challenge (a multiple choice test on the WSC curriculum on six subjects: art & music, social studies, history, literature & media, science & technology, special area). Scholars participate in regional rounds to qualify for the global rounds, and exceptional scholars at the global rounds are invited to the Tournament of Champions hosted by Harvard University every year.

Some of our Reigatians formed all-Reigate teams, while others joined forces with scholars from other schools in Hanoi. These awesome scholars are:  Minh Nhat DO (Y10), Khanh An Tran LE (Y7), Lam Ngoc Hoang LE (Y10), Linh Bang Diem NGUYEN (Y10), Nhu Quynh NGUYEN (Y9), Hieu Cong PHAM (Y7), Ngoc Bao Pham TRAN (Y10), An Minh VU (Y7), and My Thao XA (Y7).

They took home many, many hard-earned silver and gold medals, and here are the trophy highlights:

Team awards:

Linh Bang Diem NGUYEN + Ngoc Bao Pham TRAN + Minh Nhat DO

  •  first place, senior division: Team challenge and team debate
  • second place, senior division: collaborative writing
  • champion team, senior division

Individual awards:
Champion scholars

  • Minh Nhat DO - third place, senior division
  • Linh Bang Diem NGUYEN - second place, senior division
  • Ngoc Bao Pham TRAN - first place, senior division

We are proud of all of the achievements and would like to congratulate all of our scholars for qualifying for the global round. We are excited to hear that some have decided to participate in the Nha Trang Mini-Global and Bangkok Global Rounds and are even more excited to support them in planning and preparing for these big events.

Find out more about the WSC at scholarscup.org, and here is message from Minh (Y10):

We’ll experience no enjoyable feeling when pushing through our comfort zone. You’re actively striving to further your limits, and believe me - we’ve all been there! Flashbacks to those nights of preparation, literally cramming on still freak me out, even until now :) It’s no exaggeration, but WSC has probably been the bulkiest challenge I’ve taken on. Getting to meet very cool peeps, sharpen your reasonings in debates, and have a chance to get a lil bit more brainy.

Is it worth the effort? – Yass 

Special thanks to Bao Ngoc and Lily, they’re good friends. Without their constant help, I wouldn’t go from a boy who plays games in lessons, to someone who jots down write-ups for the school newsletter. (oi mate, if I can do it, then u can do it too)