Reigatians at World Scholar’s Cup Global Round

Reigatians at World Scholar’s Cup Global Round

After doing extremely well in either the Hanoi or the Da Nang regional rounds of the World Scholar’s Cup, six Reigatians participated in the 2022 Global Rounds of the academic competition: one in Bangkok on 2-7 September, and five in Nha Trang on 16-20 September.

Nhu Quynh NGUYEN (Y9) took home two gold medals and five silver medals from the Super Junior division of the Bangkok Global Round that was participated by 1200 pupils.

Hieu Cong PHAM (Y7) and An Minh VU (Y7) made it to the top ten in the Team Bowl event in the Skittles division Nha Trang Mini Global Round and won a hard-earned silver medal - a great start for their first ever global round.

Lam Ngoc Hoang LE (Y10) earned a gold (Team Writing) and a silver medal (Team Debate) in the Junior division of the Nha Trang Mini Globals.

Khanh An Tran LE (Y7) and My Thao XA (Y7) placed third in the Team Debate event of the Skittles division, fourth in the Team Writing event, fifth in the Team Challenge event, and first in the Team Bowl event. They placed first overall in the Skittles division of the Nha Trang Mini Global Round! This amazing array of team achievements won them three trophies, in addition to the many individual gold and silver medals they earned.

Not only did all six make us proud through their successes in their respective rounds, but they also demonstrated amazing teamwork as they partnered with scholars from other schools. We are confident that their passion for learning, collaboration, and competition will continue to be a positive inspiration for their peers here at RGSV.