Reigate Grammar School Vietnam Celebrates Leaving Ceremony for Year 13 Class of 2024 with UK Ambassador in Attendance

Reigate Grammar School Vietnam Celebrates Leaving Ceremony for Year 13 Class of 2024 with UK Ambassador in Attendance

On May 24, 2024, at Building D hall of RGS Vietnam, a warm and dignified Leaving Ceremony was held for the graduating Year 13 students of the Class of 2024 at RGS Vietnam. The event was graced by the presence of distinguished guests: His Excellency Mr. Iain Frew, Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Vietnam; Mr. Shaun Fenton, OBE, Headmaster of RGS UK and representative of RGS International schools; and Mrs. Mai Bich Thuy, Founder and Chair of RGS Vietnam.

Dressed in their graduation gowns, the students marched into the auditorium to a resounding welcome from parents, teachers, fellow students, and the entire school community. The ceremony was filled with both emotional and inspiring speeches.

In his address, the Ambassador congratulated the graduates on reaching this significant milestone in their academic journey at RGS Vietnam, a school adhering to the esteemed standards of Reigate Grammar School, UK. He further highlighted RGS Vietnam's role as a prime example of successful educational collaboration between Vietnam and the UK. By providing a high-quality British education in Vietnam, the school opens doors for its students to pursue opportunities at prestigious universities worldwide.

Mr. Shaun Fenton, representing RGS UK and RGSI, extended a warm welcome to the graduates as members of the global Reigate community. With a network of member schools across the globe, Reigatians are always ready to offer their enthusiastic support to fellow alumni.

On behalf of RGS Vietnam, Mrs. Mai Bich Thuy expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the parents and teachers who have tirelessly supported the students and the school throughout their journey. She expressed her confidence that, equipped with a foundation of self-belief and determination, the graduates will continue to excel in their academic pursuits and beyond. RGS Vietnam remains committed to following and supporting them in their future endeavors.

The ceremony also recognized the students' dedication and achievements throughout their years at RGS Vietnam. The highlight of the event was the presentation of diplomas by the Ambassador and school leaders, a moment filled with pride and joy for the graduates, their families, and the faculty.

The Leaving Ceremony for the Class of 2024 marked not only the successful completion of their IBDP programme but also the commencement of their exciting journeys to university and their chosen careers. The presence of esteemed guests underscored the importance of RGS Vietnam's commitment to delivering high-quality British education in Vietnam. Ultimately, this commitment empowers graduates not only to achieve their own goals but also to contribute meaningfully to the global community.