ISV Workshop On ATL Skills For Elementary Parents

ISV Workshop On ATL Skills For Elementary Parents

On Friday, 29th October, we successfully held an online workshop for families of children in the ISV Elementary School. The workshop is called 'Approaches to Learning (ATL) in the IB Primary Years Programme' with the aim to improve the understanding of how five categories of interrelated skills (ATL) can support students of all ages. These categories include thinking skills, research skills, communication skills, social skills and self-management skills, which encourage PYP students to become self-regulated learners who enable to:

  • ask good questions
  • set effective goals  
  • pursue their aspirations with the determination to achieve them.

Please review the workshop agenda as below:

  • What are the Approaches to Learning (ATL) are?
  • Why do we use them?
  • How do we report on the ATL?

Please see the slides for detailed information.