MIT - The worlds leading Institute of Technology awarded a distinguished research scholarship to RGSVs A-Level student

MIT - The world's leading Institute of Technology awarded a distinguished research scholarship to RGSV's A-Level student

Khuc Dang Duy Anh - an Y12 A-Level student at Reigate Grammar School Vietnam (RGSV) has excellently received a Research Science Institute (RSI) scholarship - a five-week research internship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This is a proud achievement, originating from Duy Anh's passion for science and also a testament to his constant efforts on the scientific research journey.

RSI is known as a prestigious research scholarship program for the world's most outstanding high school students. Here, each student will have the opportunity to conduct individual projects under the guidance of experienced leading scientists. To be granted this chance, Duy Anh had to go through a rigorous application preparation process with several stringent standards on his academic record, research experience, fluency in English, essays, and recommendation letters. Dr. Le Ba Nam and Dr. Nguyen Hoang Yen, two Science teachers at RGSV, who prepared letters of recommendation for Duy Anh to apply for the RSI scholarship, gave him very positive feedback for his excellent study attitude. Duy Anh is commented to consistently strive to surpass the standards in all A-Level subjects and proactively looks for opportunities to learn and improve his knowledge. In particular, he has engaged in scientific research even though he is currently a high school student, and he constantly desires to obtain extensive research training at the university level.

Through his unremitting efforts along with guidance and encouragement from teachers, Duy Anh has produced an exceptional academic performance with A* IGCSE and predicted A* scores for A-Level Science subjects. In addition, he contributes to other research projects, including the Cambridge IPQ International Project (International Project Qualification) at RGSV, the scientific projects at Hanoi University of Sciences and Phenikaa University. For the standardized English test, he got an outstanding SAT score of 1570/1600

With this remarkable achievement, we believe that Duy Anh is laying the foundation for his future comprehensive scientific research. The RSI program at the world's leading Institute of Technology - MIT offers him a fantastic opportunity to learn and showcase his intellectual prowess. On Duy Anh's scientific journey, RGSV and the teachers will always accompany, support, and create favorable conditions that allow him to achieve more success.