Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

RGSV pupils had a wonderful Mid-Autumn festival celebration today with many exciting activities. The event was mainly prepared by our IB DP students as a CAS experience with the aim to introduce the Prep pupils to the traditional Mid-Autumn festival in different countries.

Prep pupils were instructed by their senior peers to make their own star-shaped lanterns, paper lanterns, paper masks, and traditional mooncakes, sing along to cheerful Mid-autumn songs, and eagerly await exciting performances. Also, a group of DP students prepared a short play to explain further the Mid-Autumn Festival in China, Korea, and Vietnam. Particularly, when lion dancers appeared, children were overjoyed and laughed at their antics; accompanied by a pounding drum beat, this is a standout performance of the event.

We thanks our Vietnamese and Korean parents who brought in typical pastries for us to enjoy. 

We wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn festival with their families and friends.

See the full photo album HERE.