Lunar Festival 2024

Lunar Festival 2024

The annual Lunar Festival held at RGSV is an opportunity for individuals in the community to immerse themselves in the diverse cultural traditions of Vietnamese New Year. This year, the traditional Tet holiday - bridging tradition and modernity - took place successfully, increasing cohesion in the RGSV community.

At the 2024 Lunar Festival, countless interesting activities took place, creating unforgettable experiences for those present. Rich musical and artistic performances, interwoven between traditional and modern works, have contributed to making the festival more vibrant and colorful than ever. Traditional food booths and interactive booths attracted the attention of participants with many unique dishes and traditional Vietnamese products. Not only that, coming to this year's Lunar Festival, attendees will also experience many cultural activities such as making lucky money envelops, making banh chung, dancing,... along with folk games of Vietnamese. Through price discovery and honoring Vietnamese culture, the Lunar Festival clearly demonstrated the spirit of connection, making the RGSV community closer than ever.

Lunar Festival is a space for Vietnamese and international individuals in the RGSV community to understand more about the beauty and diversity of Vietnamese traditions, thereby enhancing understanding and promoting cultural exchange. Here, international friendships have become closer with many memories being created. Faced with the richness of Vietnamese culture, international friends have been extremely fascinated and admired, and the Vietnamese community is increasingly proud of the beauty of their country - an S-shaped strip of land that no one has ever created before. Once you set foot here, you couldn't bear to leave.

The RGSV Lunar Festival is the perfect event to close the previous year and welcome a new year that promises good things ahead. We would like to send our sincere thanks to the entire RGSV community and the distinguished guests who took the time to participate in the festival, as well as the suppliers who contributed significantly to the success of the event! Wishing you all a happy and warm Tet and a peaceful new year with your loved ones.

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