Kitchen Chemist - Inspiring Passion for Chemistry in Year 7-9 Students

"Kitchen Chemist" - Inspiring Passion for Chemistry in Year 7-9 Students

On April 16th, Mr. Stephen H. Ashworth, a teacher from the University of East Anglia (UK), visited RGS Vietnam to engage with Year 7-9 students. During a captivating session, Mr. Ashworth shed light on chemistry, a subject often perceived as challenging but surprisingly familiar in everyday life. He opened the students' eyes to the ever-present nature of chemistry, from the food we eat and the objects we use to the very air we breathe. Through his ingenious skills, Mr. Ashworth presented a series of fascinating chemistry experiments, sparking a newfound interest in this scientific field among the young audience.

Utilizing readily available everyday materials such as cornstarch, cabbage juice, vinegar, alcohol, and baking soda, Mr. Ashworth conducted impressive demonstrations. These experiments served to highlight the accessibility and usefulness of chemistry, dispelling the notion that it is a dry and unapproachable subject. He also delivered concise lectures on scientific concepts, fostering a deeper understanding of the scientific method and igniting a passion for scientific discovery within the students. The RGS Vietnam students were captivated by his presentation and actively engaged with the fun experiments.

Mr. Stephen H. Ashworth boasts over 17 years of experience in teaching chemistry, igniting a passion for scientific exploration in students worldwide. With his infectious enthusiasm, Mr. Ashworth successfully instilled a love for chemistry in the RGS Vietnam students, potentially shaping their future paths. RGS Vietnam extends its heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Stephen for his participation in today's "Kitchen Chemist" event. We wish him continued success and good health in his endeavors.