Khoi Tuan Cao NGUYEN, “IB years and journey to improve oneself”

Khoi Tuan Cao NGUYEN, “IB years and journey to improve oneself”

Contrary to popular belief, Khoi’s IB Diploma Programme journey didn’t start at Grade 11, but it had begun way before that, when he studied the IGCSE in Grades 9 and 10, because the programme actually supported IBDP learning later on. He not only learned knowledge that was later explored more deeply in the IBDP but also had the base in study methods, which relied heavily on the student’s endeavors rather than the teacher’s endeavors. 

The IBDP wasn’t like anything Khoi had encountered before. He compared the 2 years of IBDP learning to a maze, where he can easily get lost, but “once you manage to get out, you will know how to pass an even bigger maze and receive admirable achievements on the way”, he said. To Khoi, what he gained from the IBDP journey was an effective study method and an impressive IBDP result: 40 out of 45.

Life at ISV, as well as the 2 years of learning the IBDP, had taught Khoi lots of valuable lessons that he will cherish for the rest of his academic journey. Khoi learned how to think critically, how to lead and contribute, and how to develop independently. The more Khoi learned at ISV, the more he recognized the joy of discovering knowledge himself and sharing his findings. He not only discovered a more efficient way to study, but also a more updated way to live. All the teachers, friends, classes, extracurricular activities and school events helped him to abandon his isolated self to pursue a more liberal lifestyle, and he got to know many people on a personal level, and finally understood their true values, diverse personalities and varied viewpoints.

With all of those valuable lessons, Khoi has decided to attend Fulbright University Vietnam, which is a small, new yet innovative university based in Ho Chi Minh City. As the university set high standards for applicants, he had to show them not only a high scholastic aptitude but also the capability of making changes. “If it weren’t for ISV and the changes the school has brought to not only my studying methods but also my personality, I would have never been able to settle at such a prestigious institution.” - Khoi shared.

Finally, Khoi gave valuable advice to future students of ISV: “For people applying to ISV, you might have known us through our wonderful scholars, the wonderful programs we offer, or the extracurricular activities you may enjoy. But ISV is more than just that. What really stands out to me every day I walk into the campus is the feeling of going to school to learn something new, to reach out to people and develop every day. That’s the feeling you get from ISV, and that’s why I had the best 4 years of my life”