ISV Students On The LeaderBoard Of Languages Championships

ISV Students On The LeaderBoard Of Languages Championships

The Language Championship took place for two days this week and many ISV students competed not only against each other but against students from all over the world. 134 schools took part and ISV reached the 37th place.

77 students from Grade 2 up to Grade 12 competed this week and the winners in PYP and Secondary are:

1- Patricio RAMIREZ (G3) 2,612 Gold Award 

1- Doyeon KIM (G9) 2,584 pts Gold Award

2- Emily BROMLEY (G5) 570 pts Credit Award

2- GaHyeon KIM (G10) 2,335 pts Silver Award

3- Ritsuki SASAYA (G2) 185 pts School Award 

3- Riley SCHULZE (Grade 9) 1,660 pts Silver Award

This was a great experience for the students and also an opportunity for them to try new languages.

“I finished the competition with a shock! I was like very surprised that I handled against all the Secondary students; it was a very exciting moment so I actually gave it a go and won! I was so excited and I think it was such a great time. Loved it so much. Thanks!”

Patricio Goméz Tagle Ramírez
Grade 3

“It was such a nice experience for me to join the Language Championship competition. As the competition progressed, I earned synergy and motivation while seeing other students’ points. Also, it was a nice opportunity to get interested in other languages.”

Doyeon Kim
Grade 9