ISV Students Geography Projects

ISV Students' Geography Projects

The Geography classes at ISV are full of exciting lessons along with challenges. Let’s check out the great work that our diligent and creative students have done for their projects!

  • River landforms (Grade 9)

The main focus of the project is to study landforms that shape the Earth’s surface. 9th Graders spared no effort on the fascinating slide shows and even Youtube videos to visualize concepts including meanders, deltas, waterfalls and gorges, oxbow lakes and potholes. 

It is surely appealing to the least geographic literate person. Let’s click to see it right here

Topic: Meanders

Presenters: Phong, Linh and Chau

Topic: Oxbow Lake

Presenters: Sang Hyun and Ha

Please see the full presentation of Sang Hyun and Ha here

  • Infographics (Grade 10)

There is no doubt that you will never get bored watching the series of infographics and presentations on numerous topics, which all have been done by 10th Graders. You will laugh out loud with memes (internet jokes) or find it very enjoyable with interesting facts about manga and the benefits of drinking coffee. More formal subjects like environmental protection, unemployment, and global hunger are also very informative. 

Topic: The oldest man-made staple food (Bread)

Infographics creator: Lam Khanh H

Topic: Manga Production

Infographics creator: Giang Chau T

Let’s look at all the infographics here.

  • Under and overpopulated countries infographics 

Other topics that students shed light on through infographics are underpopulation and overpopulation. They have done in-depth research on factors and consequences affecting a nation that is under or overpopulated. For instance, Vietnam is ranked 47th out of 232 territories based on population density, which contributes to overpopulation. This is largely due to falling mortality rates as healthcare systems have improved as well as advancements in technology and general hygiene. This has a detrimental effect on the environment and costs of accommodation. 

Let’s learn more about different countries here.

Topic: Canada’s underpopulation

Infographics creator: JOO Seo Hyun

Topic: Seoul’s overpopulation

Infographics creator: KIM Gyoungseo

  • Complex, layered maps (Grade 11)

Looking at the maps made by the 11th-grade students, you certainly have a closer insight into the two powerhouses, China and the USA. Unlike ordinary maps showing only natural resources and megacities, with these projects, 11th Graders drew the flows of migration and uncovered the reasons behind it, for example career opportunities, climate change, and high living costs. They also focussed on looking at where the population is distributed, how physical and human factors govern where people live and contribute to their economic success. 

China map which is exceptionally good work done by Le Hoang Lan Chi 

The USA map created by Pham Hieu Thanh

The USA map made by Le Hanh Nguyen

Here is the collection of maps.