ISVs students at Hanoi Round of the World Scholars Cup, 2021

ISV's students at Hanoi Round of the World Scholar's Cup, 2021

Eight ISV students participated in the Hanoi Round of the World Scholar's Cup on March 20-21 at the Dewey Schools which was attended by hundreds of students from some fifty schools all over and around Hanoi. Three formed an all-ISV team: Chau Bao NGUYEN, Quynh Anh Thi LE, and Nhi Yen Pham NGUYEN, who participated in the Senior division. The other five joined forces with students from other schools: Bach PHAM, An Hai Hoang NGUYEN, Anh Ha VU in the Junior division; Anh Duc KIEU and Quang Nhat DAO in the Senior division.

All of our students came home with many, many hard-earned silver and gold medals, and here are the trophy highlights:

  • Anh Ha: Team bowl - 10th place, top debate team - 1st place, team writing - 1st place, champion team - 4th place, champion scholar - 3rd place
  • Anh Duc: Team bowl - 1st place, top challenge team - 2nd place, champion team - 2nd place
  • Quynh Anh Thi, Chau Bao, Nhi Yen Nguyen: Top debate team - 3rd place.

Gold medals of note:

  • Anh Ha was the writing champion of the junior division, and Nhi Yen Pham was the top scorer of the Social Studies challenge in the senior division.

We are proud of all of the achievements and would like to congratulate all of our scholars for qualifying for the global round!