International Day 2023

International Day 2023

On November 17, 2023, RGSV's International Day 2023 was held successfully, featuring a variety of activities celebrating the cultural heritage of the 30 countries and territories represented in the RGSV community.

International Day is an annual event for IB World Schools. On this day, solemn flag processions and parades were held, showcasing the 32 countries represented by the school's students and teachers.

The school's main foyer was transformed into an exhibition hall, with tables displaying and introducing the history and culture of each country. A variety of engaging interactive activities were available for students and parents, including trying on national costumes and creating unique crafts. The football field was temporarily converted into a venue for performances of traditional arts and folk games.

The most popular area of the day was undoubtedly the International food tasting area, where students could savor dishes from around the world, carefully and delicately prepared by parents, teachers, and school kitchen staff.

RGSV International Day is always one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the school year. The international community of over 30 nationalities at RGSV has fostered a truly dynamic international educational environment rich in diverse cultural identities. This event reinforces the understanding and respect for the value that each individual brings to the community. This diversity has contributed to shaping the RGS Vietnam community as it stands today.

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