IB PYP Graduation Ceremony for Year 6 Students at RGS Vietnam

IB PYP Graduation Ceremony for Year 6 Students at RGS Vietnam

RGS Vietnam recently held a celebratory ceremony to mark the graduation of its Year 6 students from the International Baccalaureate Primary School programme. These students have now officially completed their Primary education and will be transitioning to Secondary School in the next academic year. This event held a special significance, signifying an important milestone in the students' journey towards maturity across various aspects.

The ceremony commenced solemnly with the presence of parents, teachers, and students. Following a familiar tradition showcasing the strong bond between the two schools, the ceremony began with an online address from Mr Shaun Fenton, Headmaster of RGS UK. He emphasized the crucial role of acquiring foundational knowledge and skills during the Primary years. Mr. Fenton commended the outstanding results achieved by the Year 6 students at RGS Vietnam, expressing his confidence that they would continue to excel in their upcoming Secondary School program.

Next, Mr Brendan Finn, Head of Primary School, took the opportunity to once again congratulate all the graduates on completing the Primary School IB program. He acknowledged their remarkable achievements and the dedication they demonstrated throughout their studies. Both Minkyu Kwack, Head Boy, and Annie Anh Thuy Duong, Head Girl of the Secondary School, extended their congratulations and offered their support to the graduating students. This commitment exemplifies the proactive spirit, positive connection, and strong sense of community fostered within the RGS Vietnam family across all grade levels.

The ceremony also featured a representative from the Parents' Association expressing their heartfelt emotions upon witnessing the students' growth and maturity. The representative conveyed their deep gratitude to the teachers and teaching assistants who relentlessly dedicated themselves to teaching and guiding the students.

Throughout their studies in the IB PYP programme at RGS Vietnam, students embarked on a journey of exploration through six integrated topics across various subjects, all explored through the lens of key concepts. This program has equipped them with a comprehensive foundation of knowledge and has fostered the development of critical thinking, independent learning, and creative problem-solving skills. In addition, these regular efforts to nurture positive student qualities have encouraged them to become lifelong learners who demonstrate care, collaboration, and a friendly and gentle disposition towards everyone. Furthermore, the exciting Secondary School Transition Day played a vital role in preparing the students by providing them with a valuable opportunity to gain a better understanding of the timetable and subjects they will encounter in Secondary School.

We at RGS Vietnam extend our sincere gratitude to all parents who took the time to attend this special ceremony. Congratulations once again to all our graduates as they officially culminate their journey in the International Baccalaureate Primary School program. We hope you have a wonderful summer vacation with your families and loved ones, allowing you to recharge for the exciting new learning adventure that awaits you next August.