DP Evaluation Report

DP Evaluation Report

RGSV’s week starts off positively as we received the official IB evaluation report on our Diploma Programme over the weekend. It really is a true reflection of our work and journey for the DP, successfully led by Mr Colin & Ms Anita. The strengths mentioned are highlighted across the IB standards and our future development considerations are areas we have already identified we will be working on over the next five years.

Some highlights from the evaluation team in their report are:

“Reigate Grammar School Vietnam has demonstrated its commitment to the Diploma Programme and clearly exhibited a caring and reflective approach”

“RGVS staff were knowledgeable and articulate in their understanding of the programme and how they were striving to develop and take the next steps to meet the needs of all students.”

“Teachers were well qualified and interacted with the team in a most positive manner.”

“Students and parents spoke highly of the IB and students were particularly positive about how the programme was delivered at the school.”

Congratulations to all.