Anh Thuy DUONG - ISVs Inspiring Scholar

Anh Thuy DUONG - ISV's Inspiring Scholar

Anh Thuy DUONG, who is also known as Annie, is one of the outstanding students of Grade 8S at ISV. Recently, Annie became prominent when she successfully scored an 85% scholarship for the next two academic years.

Annie is an amazingly inspiring student of Grade 8S. She lives by the motto of “Go shine your light”, meaning to shine bright and keep a positive attitude wherever you go, whatever situation you are in, and to try to reach for more things to shine on. Talking about her experience with ISV, Annie shared: “For the past few years, ISV has been a place for me to shine my light, as it has given me so many opportunities to shine in my grades, with my friends, etc.” She has never failed to amaze ISV with her maturity and intelligence. 

Anh Thuy DUONG (Annie)

In fact, Annie had proven her ability by gaining a 50% scholarship for the 3-years of lower secondary school, which, in her words, has helped her to shine even brighter than she would have without it. But Annie is someone who doesn’t give up, so she set her own goal to achieve even more in her next academic years at ISV.

The 85% scholarship for the next 2 school years is the result of her hard work and dedication. Annie believes that it will help her to shine brightly and help others to shine as well. 

When being asked about her future plans, Annie had answered with inspiring words: “I will continue to work hard to show that I deserve this scholarship and I want to inspire other people to shine and be a guiding light for my little sister who I hope to succeed in ISV as well by getting her own scholarship. My journey to the world has just started, and this scholarship awarded by ISV is the first entrance ticket that I believe will help me to travel further in the future.”

ISV is eager to see how far Annie will go with her fierce determination. Congratulations on your achievement and we wish you the best of luck in your next years at ISV.