A summary of Book Week 2024

A summary of Book Week 2024

What an incredible journey it's been diving into the world of literature during Book Week at RGS Vietnam! From captivating stories to creative costumes, our week was filled with boundless imagination and inspiration.

Throughout the week, students participated in many interesting activities, creating opportunities for them to explore the magical world of books, including meeting famous children's book writer Hoai Anh. Students could also shop at the Book Fair right on campus - a space like a literary wonderland with countless books and unique stationery. Many competitions were organised for students to be creative and demonstrate their knowledge, such as bookmark design contests and Book Trivia. In particular, the "Stop, Drop and Read" section every day was both a challenge and an opportunity for children to read all their favorite books.

By the end of the week, Book Week became even more exciting! Parents came to school and read stories in their mother tongue to the primary students. A heartwarming tradition, this contributes to teaching children about their country's literature and culture. By sharing stories in their mother tongue, parents naturally transmit lessons about cultural heritage to children, fostering national pride and identity. RGSV would like to sincerely thank all parents for taking the time to accompany their children on their educational journey and help them nurture their love of language and literature.

On Friday, a lively and imaginative atmosphere filled the campus as students dressed up as characters from their favorite books. Classes became very different from usual because of the appearance of a series of vivid characters in famous stories. The classroom atmosphere was even more exciting when students shared about the characters they played, showing their love for literature.

Book Week is an event honoring literature, demonstrating the importance and meaning of reading as well as an opportunity to unite the RGSV community. The event is a reminder of the great and profound influence of books on our lives, promoting and fostering empathy, imagination, and the spirit of learning in each person. At RGS Vietnam, this value is conveyed to all students and through this annual event, they will develop a stronger love for reading and form good habits in absorbing diverse knowledge through books.